ZEIC conducts training for gender monitors

ZEIC conducts training for gender monitors

On 29th June 2016, the Zambia Elections Information Centre (ZEIC) conducted a national Training of Trainers (TOT) workshop on monitoring elections from a gender perspective.
The training looked at practical ways of monitoring the portrayal and profiling of women in the 2016 elections, as well as monitoring the involvement of women as voters and candidates in the August General Elections. The trainers who were trained will now train gender monitors in the country’s ten provinces.
The monitors will in turn gather and transmit information in real time to the ZEIC’s ICT based platform to facilitate timely response by the relevant authorities.
The ZEIC has so far conducted trainings for Election Day Monitors, Media Monitors, Campaign Financing Monitors. These monitors are being deployed across the country, covering ten provinces, 156 constituencies and at least 11,000 polling stations. The data generated by these monitors is being collated, analysed and used to facilitate speedy responses to various issues arising before, during and after the elections.


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