Press Statement: ZEIC Condemns Chawama Violence



Lusaka, 09 July 2016:

The Council of Elders of the Zambia Elections Information Centre (ZEIC) are deeply saddened by the killing of a political cadre in Chawama Constituency, Lusaka, on Friday 8th July 2016.

We strongly condemn political violence as it prevents people from freely exercising their constitutional right of participating democratic processes such as elections. The loss of life in political violence, as we experienced yesterday, is unacceptable.

We implore the police to exercise their duties of maintaining law and order in a professional way, and not inciting or exercising violence.

On behalf of the ZEIC Steering Committee, Stakeholder Forum and the Secretariat, we express our deepest condolences to the bereaved family.


Issued by Fr. Leonard Chiti

 Chairperson of the ZEIC Council of Elders


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